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Les Songs of Les Misérables... notice how most of these shots are of people crying...yeah. that's basically les mis.

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Les Miserables: iPad Cases & Skins

When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums, there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!

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do you hear the people sing? lost in the valley of the night. it is the music of a people who are climbing to the light~

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Renaming les mis songs... Sorry, some of these are really innaproppriate, but others are REALLY funny. My favorites are A Heart Full Of Shut Up, Shut Up Cossette, and SAM BARKS KILLS IT :)

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Printable Les Miserables Broadway Musical Digital Subway Art Quotes Lyrics Typography Poster Decoration 11x14 and 8x10 - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Can't stop thinking about Les Miz! My newest creation...

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"On My Own" - Les Miserables. This reminds of Jane before she finds out that Rochester loves her.

That one point when even though you haven't shed a tear through the entire movie, you all of a sudden start bawling!

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