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Leprosy Pictures

The 10 scariest diseases revealed

Contagious: Leprosy is a fast-spreading infection that causes scaly skin, loss of eyesight, and a loss of feeling in the part of the body that are affected


Beautiful and shocking vintage medical drawings – in pictures


The Black Death - “many historians had chronicled the long-term socioeconomic benefits of the mass extinction that had occurred in Europe in the 1300s. Prior to the plague, overpopulation, famine, and economic hardship had defined the Dark Ages” | chapter 41


Inside Canterbury Cathedral: King Henry IV (1367-1399-1413 (a mature looking 46 on his death, possibly via leprosy)), nephew of the Black Prince, and his Queen, Joan of Navarre. Henry came to the throne via a coup which removed and eventually murdered Richard II (son of the Black Prince) in Henry's favour.


Inside the lost island of New York: Eerie pictures of the abandoned leper colony just 350 yards from the Bronx

North Brother Island circa 1937: North Brother Island Quarantine Zone, New York: quarantine zone, leper colony and centre for drug addicts. Just 350 yards from the crowded tenements of the Bronx, North Brother Island was first employed as a quarantine centre in 1885. Closed in 1963, it is now a haunting labyrinth of crumbling ruins. (pictures of which are to be found on this board)