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Fashion at the Movies: Titanic

Memoirs of my first wedding in 1988! (With pretty much the same ending as the movie in 2009, too!) Titanic ;]

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That’s how he walks…

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SPIDEY!! ok. cept your daddth and mumth IETrexIKing Robert and his wife have that script of Batman and X(not the bad x) men, if ewens don't want to hold on for the imagination spiderman for myfemmeownself to script. love ..majesty..grannie

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Leo “strutting” gets the Photoshop treatment (64 Photos)

Mordor LOTR #LeonardoDiCaprio Image detail for -One Does Not Strut Into Mordor mordor meme | One Does Not Simply

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Just Friends? Hollywood's Famous Platonic Pairs

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How can I die without seeing every inch of this world - Leo Dicaprio #Travel #Quoteaunti faye great! and we look forard to the postcars and visiting. unkles are at tonys.

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