No fucking way.... ALL IN OR GO HOME.... Im worth every effort to be your only choice... I know my worth, value, beauty, strength... I don't need a man to make me happy and make me complete... I would like a man to share my happiness and all that I am...

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Take a look at this Silver & Blue Leopard Foil Calleigh Leotard - Toddler & Girls by SBD Sportswear on #zulily today!

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"The truth about our silence" Omg so true. Silence if not after something loving is SO LOUD to me.

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Wangkong x Dolbaekki ~I love it how 2of my uberfaaaaavorite groups are so close together^-^ ♡

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Stop running from the ghosts of yesterday, with their flimsy sheets and empty echoes, they don't define your tomorrows.

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