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"The truth about our silence" Omg so true. Silence if not after something loving is SO LOUD to me.

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Leo Horoscope today January 7 2017

Yep not talking makes us feel useless ... But most people don't want to engage in conversation so we adjust but will find an outlet so our mind can keep busy.

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Zodiac Leo | TheZodiacCity | See more facts about your zodiac sign here.

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Daily Leo Horoscopes. This Guy is Connected!

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Astrology Signs on

♑️ Ok I KNOW mine is true, because today I literally said that I wanted to smash a chair on their face! Hey presto what a wonderful coincidence

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Leo are loyal people, but don't take it as their weakness...they can cut you off if need be.

A Leo doesn't wait for a new door to open. If they are bored, they will slam the current one shut and barge through the next one...that makes 'em different.

The small things you think a Leo missed are usually the things they remember the most, really.

As a Leo, we will never give up or give in, even when the odds are against us.

What to know about a typical Leo, from personality chracteristics, the compatibility, to career and more?

Don't ask a Leo to be vulnerable with you if you have no intention of protecting them.

Sometimes a Leo is too stubborn to ask for help, and will go down fighting before giving in.

I found this on Tumblr, from Dark-Astrology.... It explains the other signs I couldn't find! <<<< How the signs get expelled from school - All

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