Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, and Nico Di-Angelo

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The 23 Most Genius Things To Ever Happen At A McDonald's

I think Leo and Nico went to McDonalds together.<<< THIS COMMENT. I LIKE IT.<<<<<<ANOTHER!

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A Story Told(leo Valdez Fanfic) - that's why he's fast

Percy Jackson, leo valdez and Nico di angelo OMG. Except Leo and nico are both kind of broken

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Leo and Nico planning to get Percy and Annabeth out of Tartarus. I know there's a several year age difference but I really want these guys to end up really close friends.

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Holiday icons!!! from top to bottom: Jason, Reyna, Will, Hazel, Leo, Percy, Nico, Annabeth, Piper and Frank

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I think Percy and Piper can beat Annabeth and Leo. Ugh but I can't choose! Depends on who Nico is with. And I think it'll be Percy:P

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