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Sunglasses at the ready! The warm weather is set to continue into August with rumours of it becoming the hottest August in the UK to date and, with so many great outdoors activities on, you won't find us complaining!

Lens Flares & Stars Photoshop Brushes Photoshop #ps #brushes Download:
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Lens Flares & Stars Photoshop Brushes

Lens Flares & Stars Photoshop Brushes Photoshop #ps #brushes Download:

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7 inspiring quotes for your worst business days

Light | Glare This image uses balance and leading lines. There is also a pattern in the pillars that he is running next to. There is a glare from the sun that circles the middle of the photo.

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Tips From a Pro: Using Lens Flare to Your Advantage

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How to Get a 'Ring of Fire' Lens Flare in Your Photos

In late 2014, I was given a few pieces of piping -- what you might call trash, but which I call the "ring of fire." It ended up being an incredibly useful

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3 Tips for Creating Lens Flares (with a Metal Tube)

Our take and adaptation of Sam Hurd's lens flare technique with metal piping.