I love the painted drawers and boxes on the walls! Great lego room! Oh, the wall color, curtains, and shelf choice are great too.

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BOX4BLOX Lego Toy Storage Box Makes Organizing Legos Easy - See why Moms everywhere love the BOX4BLOX, the award winning Lego storage and sorter organizer designed to get rid of that LEGO disaster zone off your floor, once and for all. Order online now, with FREE SHIPPING, exclusively through Amazon.com,Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de

The LEGO Storage Brick 8 - Black provides an interesting angle on tidying up - it is like playing. You can actually stack the storage boxes like you are used to with the original LEGO bricks. It offers you a new an exciting way of interior decorating as well as the practical purpose of keeping everything tidy. <br><br>Gather all your regular LEGO bricks in this bigger storage brick and make it a more playful way of tidying up. The LEGO bricks come in classic LEGO colors and in tre...

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lego storage box

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