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USS Intrepid (by Ann Diment, Ed Diment (right), Ralph Savelsberg (left)) USS Intrepid is a US Navy aircraft carrier that served from World War 2 until 1974 and is now a museum in New York. This Lego model of the ship is to the scale of Minifigs (Lego people). It is nearly 7m long, weighs 250kg, needed 250,000 bricks to build and took three people (with a number of other helpers) over 9 months to build


A lego aircraft carrier - 300,000 bricks! The kids will think pinterest is cool now!

from Oddee

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from Mail Online

The aircraft carrier built in a conservatory: Made from Lego, it weighs more than 500lb, is 23ft long and took 600 hours to build

Ruler of the waves: The completed model is estimated to be worth £15,000 - but can the Ministry of Defence afford it?

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