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Roman war with the Dacians - art by Giuseppe Rava ~ Of special note is the extra armour the legionaries wear on their arms. This was developed during the Dacian wars to help protect the Romans from the falx, a scythe like weapon the Dacians used with great effect against the Romans' Lorica segmentata armour. It sliced right through!

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Homer Pugalicious is the best dressed dog this Halloween

Bondi pugster: As well as fancy dress, Homer regularly dons stylish outfits when out and a...


Roman roads, together with Roman aqueducts and the vast standing Roman army, constituted the three most impressive features of the Roman Empire. In Britain, as in their other provinces, the Romans constructed a comprehensive network of paved trunk roads (i.e. surfaced highways) during their nearly four centuries of occupation (43 - 410 AD).


Max (Latin): great. Masculine, handsome, powerful & a bad boy. Mad Max, Roman Emperors, Maximus (Gladiator), Max Von Sydow.


Fundraising Ideas - Nice graphic from Leeds Hospital showing their fundraising event ideas. #fundraising More fun fundraiser ideas:


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Mark the centenary of the First World War by knitting this simple poppy pattern using DK yarn from your stash. The pattern is so easy, even beginner knitters will be able to master it in no time. And why not sell your wares to raise money for the Royal British Legion? Find out more information at

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