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Legal System

from the Guardian

Courts to undergo £1bn digital reform after successful pilots

Courts are set to benefit from a £1bn reform to streamline the process. Victims deemed to be vulnerable are able to testify and take part via an online link and those in court who are facing fines for minor crimes like fare dodging can plead guilty and pay the fine online. It sounds like the smoothing out of a time restricted legal system but does it open up the possibility of informal testimony and the ability to cheat the system? only time will tell.

The war on drugs has become a war on America. What is the Problem? #Warondrugs #Infographic #Marijuana

The war on drugs has become a war on America. What is the Problem? #Warondrugs #Infographic #Marijuana


Newsletter 16 July 2014- ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE information for ANYONE receiving/applying for/ or disputing ANY type of Benefits from the DWP

from the Guardian

Canada judge critiques system in sexual assault case: 'No one asks to be raped'

A judge in Ontario has used his verdict in a sexual assault trial to deliver a scathing critique of rape myths, the treatment of sexual assault complainants in Canada’s legal system and expectations on how survivors should act after an assault. “The myths of rape should be dispelled once and for all,” Justice Marvin Zuker wrote in his 179-page decision on Thursday. “It doesn’t matter if the victim was drinking, out at night alone, sexually exploited, on a date with the perpetrator, or how…