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Baltimore's newly revealed surveillance program raises legal questions

Baltimore's newly revealed surveillance program raises legal questions | US news | The Guardian

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The Etsy Journals

Sometimes customers ask questions. And sometimes they ask the exact SAME F*CKING QUESTIONS over and over again until you're pretty sure that rabid octopus goats definitely exist and you are actually living in the matrix. Let's reduce the insanity factor, shall we? Click to find out how.


#nature How can nature be a crime? Nature provides for us, anyone who wants to take nature from us is the real criminal.Asking permission from the govt .to use an herbal plant is insane! It is a gift from God!


Bespoke Illustrated Wedding Schedule

bespoke illustrated wedding schedule by rebecca mcmillan illustration |

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Ricky Gervais, please stop using the word 'mong'

It stops becoming funny when children who are legally unable to make their own medical decisions die because their parents think prayer will save them.


The Palace of the Lost City, Sun City, South Africa ..amazing resort..same architects that designed Atlantis in the Bahamas

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European politicians accused of hypocrisy after outcry over burkini ban but silence over enforced hijab in Iran

In a powerful speech, she questioned why the ban on women wearing full-body swimsuits on French beaches was overturned in Nice and many towns after less than one month but women in Iran are still legally obliged to wear a hijab. Ms Alinejad asked why female politicans would visit Iran and wear the hijab instead of challenging this strictly enforced dress code for women.