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even though i knew the answer to my question tonight, it still hurt like hell to hear you confirm it. and sad thing is idk why i'm surprised.

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He lied. I wasnt causing him stress. I was giving him a challenge, he knew i was a good person and was scared by my good will. He didnt want to take a chance with me.

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I want speak of her again. The thought of her and him and how she left me now makes me feel sick with disgust.

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the pain consumes me. I just dont know how to let you go. :( Its been a year and a half since you left.... I cannot let it go.

When it is all said and done and the damage has been totaled and there is nothing left of me to save, I just want to be able to say I loved you ...

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I gave up on myself, and her in the process. I love her more than existence itself. It kills me day-on-day to see her so joyous to be free of such a woeful pain such as I, but that is life, and life is all I sadly know.

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