The Art of Lee Miller

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The Woman in Hitler's Bathtub: Lee Miller, Munich, 1945

Lee Miller: A Woman's War. Our upcoming exhibition explores the impact of the Second World War on women's lives through the photography of Lee Miller, one of the most important female war photographers of the twentieth century. This exhibition is the first to address Miller’s vision of gender and features many photographs, objects, art and personal items never before seen on display. The exhibition starts on the 15th of October running until April 24th


Dark secret of the woman in Hitler's bathtub: How war photographer Lee Miller was raped as a child by a relative and forced to pose naked by her father

Predictable History, Unpredictable Past: The Dark Secret Of The Woman In Hitler's Bathtub: How War Photographer Lee Miller Was Raped As A Child By A Relative And Forced To Pose Naked By Her Father (Photo Essay)


The unseen archive of Lee Miller

Wiremen of the 3rd Armoured Division, Cologne, Germany, 1945, photo by Lee Miller

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