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Lee Evans is an absolute legend! Just watching his DVDs that I've seen a 1,000 times can cheer me up on a gloomy day. Seeing him live was definitely one to check off my bucket list! Can't wait to see him again in September. Always my favourite comedian.


Simon Amstell - Do nothing (full stand up dvd rip). One of my favorites, really deep, especially after 40 mins. Everything is a choice between fear and love, but remember, death is coming. DEATH IS COMING. DEATH, is COMING.


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Lee Evans: 'It's got to hurt. You've got to cry out in pain'

Lee Evans: 'It's got to hurt. You've got to cry out in pain' - Telegraph

from the Guardian

Endgame, Albery, London

Lee Evans and Michael Gambon in Endgame, Albery, London

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The Lee Evans Trio - The Lee Evans Trio

'Nude photo' of Elizabeth Taylor is actually dancer Lee Evans:

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Vintage Olympics

Summer Olympics, 1968. Lee Evans (C) Larry James (L) and Ronald Freeman (R) after their victory for the 400 meter race