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martwe-mysli: “ ✖ The Leda Bunny ✖ inspiration ✖ purple hair ✖ pastel goth ” Beautiful pastel goth style inspiration Learn more about the types of Gothic fashion here


[Daughter of Alice] "Hi! I'm Harlow, Alice's first born and I need to learn how to be a proper young lady." I chuckle. "I'm 15"


(( fc Leda Muir )) hey or whatever. My name is Lexi. They say I'm emo. I guess I'm kinda sensitive. I don't know. I love BVB, Panic! At the Disco, My chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and 5SOS. Most people are afraid to admit they like 5SOS, I'm not. I don't have many friends but the few close friends of mine say I am funny and cool to be around. So, hey.

from Polyvore

I'm not in this universe my body's stuck in reverse. My lungs are always short of breath, you see these tracks you know the rest. My face is skuffed my eyes are black... Where's the point where I turn back.

love the length and the hat :) <----said another just wondering what the heck she is doing outside in a tank top, without a coat, when there is snow in the background! No wonder her hair is going white, she is frozen!


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Hey my names Cameron but everyone calls me cam. I dye my hair. Im 17, single, and daughter of Hades. I got kicked out of many schools and banned from many places. Thats how I ended up here. So come say hi.