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Espace St-Denis is a contemporary apartment located on the ground floor of a building in Montreal, Canada. Designed by Anne Sophie Goneau.

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Are you seeking challenge ? we are seeking agent Welcome to ECOSOURCE CANADA INC: We are in energy-efficient & sustainable solution with 7 categories of clean energy and over 300 eco-energy products such as: Heat Pump Geothermal Integrated Hot Water Solar Hot Water Solar Panel LED Light for Indoor & Outdoor home commercial & industrial, LED for Urban Light Solar Mobility for outdoor activities and our Clean Energy cottage autonomous or Hybrid collection. Catalogue at…

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Peace Bridge spanning the Niagara River between Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario • photo: Philips

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Interactive Seesaw Installation Turns Montreal into a Musical Playground

Designers and engineers collaborated to produce 30 interactive seesaws in Canada that fill the streets with radiant light and sweet sounds as people play on them. #installation #montreal

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Niagara Falls Kids Attractions

Niagara Falls features three distinct waterfalls. American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, sit in U.S. territory, while the third, Horseshoe Falls, lies across the Canadian border. Each year, ...

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The body of the unknown soldier was taken from the Cenotaph to Westminster Abbey in a procession led by King George V. Here the body was buried, and the grave was filled in using soil from the French battlefields. It has provided a focus of mourning for people located in the UK ever since.

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