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I walked into the room, expecting the worst thing he could do was kill me, but I was wrong. I opened the door, only to be grabbed by a big man, who threw me to the ground. Despite preparing myself to die, I still shook with fear. He dismissed the large guy to leave us alone, and walked toward me. I slid myself in panic to the wall, but had no escape. He demanded I stand, and I obeyed the order. He opened a small cage, and let lose three, pure black snakes, which made there way up my…

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"You inspire me, you amaze me. You truly have it all. The way your eyes light up with the moon, it just says it all. Beyond this world, there's no one who can be, so perfect , like a dream come true. You make me want to believe." -melissa


When people think we're strong they, they think we don't need any help and therefore tend to leave us alone. My understanding is the opposite and is true. #quotes