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60 Tools Leathercraft Tool Kit Leather Hand Sewing Tool Set


beginner's guide to leatherworking

This is an Instructables cluster of tutorials for those interested in beginning leatherworking. I may never do these, but it's good to know where to find this information.


Learn how to work with leather. ✓ Leather dyeing, stitching, cutting ✓ Leather work tools ✓ High quality how to guide


Some great advice on putting together a basic, but essential set of leather working tools. This from a guy who makes a living in leather work and admits that he built his early business on these tools.


A Textbook of Leathercraft: Projects and Patterns - Leatherworking & Leathercraft - Crafts & Hobbies - PDF Classic Books


Tandy Leather's line of Craftool Stamps from the 2015 Buyers' Guide (available now at )

Vergez Blanchard Knives for leathercraft #craftntools #leatherwork #leathercraft #leatherart #leathertools #handmadeleather #vergezblanchard

Vergez Blanchard Knives for leathercraft #craftntools #leatherwork #leathercraft #leatherart #leathertools #handmadeleather #vergezblanchard

Ultimate Guide to Leather #infographic ~ Visualistan

Leatherworking Class

Learn the the fundamental skills you need to start working with leather by making simple accessories you can customize! In this class you’ll be introduced to a wide range of leatherworking techniques, tools and materials and then shown how to apply them to practical designs. Working with beautiful pre-dyed chrome tanned leather, we'll start from the basics and use our skills to create a simple wallet and a custom leather bag.Our lessons will cover skills like cutting leather, gouging…


It's Easier Than You Think: A Simple, Straightforward Guide to Getting Started in Leatherworking

Working with leather need not be intimidating. Like all disciplines of craftsmanship, it's about understanding the material, a little technique, and the right tool for the job.


Tools for leather crafts. Stamp #62 - Dragon scale

*We manufacture stamps for leather carving and design. *All designs of stams are unique. *All stamps we manufactured in our factory by engraving machine. *Stamps made of brass. *All stamps have crisp prints. *We can make for custom different stamps by any numbers.

Leather tooling basics tutorial for beginners with Craftools and other select leathercraft tools - YouTube

17th Century Belt Purse - thinking this would make a great fire kit bag with a folding knife/multi tool inside. Room for a few other odds and ends


A WORKING SET OF LEATHER WORKING TOOLS including creasers, awls, a screw creaser, edge tools, a very nice saddler's hammer, a wooden draw gauge, a half-moon knife in a leather case, etc. This set of tools, all contained in a dovetailed walnut box, was used by a finisher at the Auto Painting and Trimming Company of Woodville, Massachusetts and it is in the same condition as when it was last used. From the Collection of Russell A. Bigelow, Winchester, New Hampshire.