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It got so much better omg...Side note, I'm pansexual, learning ASL, and no sign for pansexual has appeared for me in my searches so far...but I haven't looked that hard.


We explored how transportation connects communities in the tuff spot. This is also a great way to learn about signs, positional language and 2D/ 3D shapes.

from Rochelle Barlow

Learn ASL in 31 Days: Day 1:: The ASL Alphabet

You've been dying to learn ASL forever! Now you can! You'll learn not only vocabulary, but also grammar and all the skills the go along with ASL. For FREE! Pin so you can have easy access to all 31 lessons. Day 1 is setting the vital foundation for your sign skills, so don't skip it, no matter what!


But imagine a story about a child who learns they have the ability to shape shift and uses it get back at an abusive parent/guardian/friend/bully


Learn to sign the word...Now. Mr. C's books are fun stories for kids that will easily teach American Sign Language, ASL. Each of the children's stories is filled with positive life lessons. You will be surprised how many signs your kids will learn! Give your child a head-start to learning ASL as a second or third language. There are fun, free activities to be found at