My realistic black and grey, shaman lady and wolf tattoo. I've alwys wanted to tattoo a wolf, but didnt want to do without any meaning. After researching what many cultures think about wolf, I found shamanism. In shaman, wolf represents love, healthy relationships, loyalty, respect and generosity. It's an animal that loves & does most activities with its family (clan), but also has the ability to go out by itself to learn and bring new learnings to the family. Done by Ganso Galvão in one…

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How To Learn Tattooing: Getting A Tattoo Apprenticeship by Mr Grahame David Garlick

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greatest tattoo idea ever. along with it, put the quote "take these broken wings and learn to fly" im in love.

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Brilliant Bumble Bee Tattoo. Click to learn more about how you can become a tattoo artist.

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