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The beauty of these Chinese conversational phrases is that they are short and sweet, and simple to learn in a short span of time. More details:

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Beijing (北京)

Learn Mandarin everyday - Chinese Vocabulary about Animals For more info please contact: The best Mandarin School in China

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Lucky and Unlucky Numbers in Chinese Culture

Chinese numbers in Mandarin pinyin and hand gestures. This is how one could show different numbers with one's hands in Chinese culture - I used to know all of these when I was little, but have a hard time remembering past 6 now.


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How I Memorized 600 Chinese Words in 2 Weeks

Three weeks before my HSK 4 exam, I roped my teacher into helping me prepare for my test (rather than focusing on the conversation based lessons we had focused on before). I had worked through several Memrise desks geared towards the HSK tests, worked through four levels of practice tests and had a year of Chinese under my belt. But my teacher had a book... Keep Reading...