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Leap Year List

Leap year activities for children

Letter recognition. Students can match letters, add prefixes or suffixes, or put the number of syllables next to a word. Grades k+

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London's Lavender Field: Mayfield

Did you know that you can find lavender fields just outside of central London? These look beautiful from June to September.

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Ever felt that piece of paper is limiting your creativity? So did artist João A. Carvalho, who has decided to use another dimension and blur the line between his drawings and reality.

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I don't even know why I like this. Shirts that slowly range in colour over a year.^^^this is such a cool idea!

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Act Now, Think Later: 4 Realities Impulsive People Know To Be True

Gustavo Sanches - NYC 22 year old international model Photographer of lots of things Model backed by: Specimen MGT Fusion NYC City Paris Milan ↓ Click Links ↓ [ Home | Self Photos | About Self ] [ Ask Box | Photos I Take ] [ Instagram: ] [ Archive ] |

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