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Leap Year Calculation

from TeachableMath

Leap year fun facts

It is a leap year and that means March comes one day later this year! Bet you have been teaching your kids all about leap year calculations this month, but did you know that leap years don't always happen every four years?

PRESS RELEASE. METEORITE PISTOL HOAX? Feb 29 2016 I would like to correct the record. We have previously stated the Gibeon meteorite from which we have constructed the Big Bang Pistols are being constructed is 4000000000 (FOUR-BILLION) years old. I'm not sure if this estimate allows for the leap year (FEB 29). The Earth takes around 365 days (actually 365.24219 days) to circle the Sun (that's a solar year) which means our calendar is out by about a quarter of a day a year. Therefore…

Yearly Desk Calendar with holidays for each month

Portrait of a Slave - Unknown

Magic Square Worksheets | Dr Mike's Math Games for Kids

The Jalali calendar was introduced by Omar Khayyám alongside other Mathematicians and Astronomers in Nishapur, today it is one of the oldest calendars in the world as well as the most accurate solar calendar in use today. Since the calendar uses astronomical calculation for determining the vernal equinox, it has no intrinsic error, but this makes it an observation based calendar.

Here are some Pi Day Activity suggestions from 2008 submitted by teachers, students & every day people.


The Largest-Ever Quantum Calculation Uses 84 Qubits and Takes Just 270 Milliseconds | Popular Science


The IRS finds this baffling as the internet can actually help taxpayers find different ways on how to go about in paying for their taxes. Therefore, claims of not knowing what to do is not an acceptable excuse for this agency.


Ailuromancy (eye•LURE•oh•man•see) Noun -Also known as felidomancy, is a form of theriomancy. It is divination using cats' movements or jumps to predict future events, especially the weather. From: Greek "ailouros" - Cat + Greek "mancy" - used as a suffix; divination, prophecy, fortune telling. "All those years we were just calling her "the crazy cat lady" and all the while she was amassing a tremendous argosy by winning at the race tracks and casino!"