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Lean Drink Side Effects

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get your body beach buff and ready!! Follow these 5 simple exercises to burn fat, build muscle and sculpt that booty you’ve always wanted! Perform these 5 simple exercises for just 21 days and you’ll be sure to see the difference in no time!!


Guys: Ways to Flirt With a woman without saying a Word. Ways to flirt with women Long before you say hello you can silently seduce the woman across the bar. Its all about tweaking your body language says Joel Wade Ph.D. a psychology professor at Bucknell University. Check out the most effective nonverbal pickup cues. 1. Spread Out: Sit at a table with one arm draped over a nearby chair or lean at the bar with your arms spread apart. Both moves convey control of personal and physical space…

Eating too much carbohydrates can contribute to weight gain. Side effects of not enough carb intake are low energy, muscle tissue loss,dehydration, constipation, and nutritional deficiancies.

What happens when you drink soda

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New Potatoes with Creamy Dill Sauce

New Potatoes with Creamy Dill Sauce More

Check out beautiful porch! Careful placement of furniture and plants set the tone for this small area! It gives new meaning to letting the outdoors in!


Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Benefits Of Greek Yogurt | LIVESTRONG.COM