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Whose side are you on? (via Zimbio) The post Marvel vs. DC Movies: Who has the better Line-Up? appeared first on Dravens Tales from the Crypt.

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Ooer - little mouse doors for the lounge, steam punk ones for the kitchen, 20000 leagues under the sea for the bathroom...

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Amazing idea for a nerd themed wedding. His and hers signature cocktails!!

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I am sucker for cute crochet patterns. Especially when they are SMALL crochet patterns, as you can make these quickly and easily. Here we have the cutest little Superhero Figer Puppets! Aren't they ADORABLE? I so want to make a…

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2 amazing films. Definitely would make my ultimate collection! - Alien and Blade Runner Posters

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What I enjoy most is not finding the dots, but the actual connecting of them. Humble is knowing I might have missed a dot, so I am just like you. What makes me different is, I love the search for dots. Even with two dots I can draw a line, with enough one can understand the pattern of life.

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