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Hemiptera /hɛˈmɪptərə/ is an order of insects most often known as the true bugs (cf. bug), comprising around 50,000–80,000 species of cicadas, aphids, planthoppers, leafhoppers, shield bugs, and others


A "giant shield bug" (Tessaratomidae) and her brood of nymphs. Photo by S Frazier near Jayapura Indonisia.


Lantern Fly species - The family Fulgoridae is a large group of insects, especially abundant and diverse in the tropics, containing over 125 genera worldwide. They are mostly of moderate to large size. Various genera and species (especially the genera Fulgora and Pyrops) are sometimes referred to as lanternflies or lanthorn flies, though they do not emit light. The head of some species is produced into a hollow process, resembling a snout, which is nearly as large as the body of the…


Cigarrinha - Brazil. The translation engine says that 'Cigarrinha' is Portugese for 'Froghopper'. So I am guessing a kind of grasshopper - which is what it looks like. I know some grasshoppers and cicadas are pink due to a condition similar to albinism. That's my best guess any way! Does anyone know for sure what this guy is?