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The Leader in Me: Leadership Roles from kac2877 from kac2877 on (21 pages) - 32 Leadership Roles for your Classroom Leaders!


Classroom jobs for the Leadership classroom (7 habits). Love them because they teach students social studies without it being obvious!---hope I fit jobs in this next year!


There are enough jobs for 25 students, 17 are different! Super cute clipart pictures and explainations for each job or leadership role as I like to call them!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Classroom Jobs

Frederick jones' theory talks about how motivation is student leadership. Providing students with jobs in the classroom will give them the change to take on the role of a leader. I envision myself applying this theory and assigning jobs to my students, in order to teach them about responsibility and working together to prevent chaos in the classroom.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Classroom Jobs [Leadership Roles]

This Classroom Leaders Pack is exactly what you need to get your students excited about taking on leadership roles in the classroom. This set inc...