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The Lazarus Pit destroys your soul and your common sense. Texts From Superheroes

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Oh Tommy... I miss him so - have always wondered if Malcolm's comment about the Lazarus Pit in Season 3 and that those that go into the pit don't come out the same - perhaps he tried it with Tommy and the results were tragic... Junior Merlyn dark archer for season 5? ;)

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I really don't get why Laurel asking Oliver why he didn't tell her about Thea being wounded by Ra's or taking her to Nanda Parbat to use the Lazarus Pit on her, or even calling him for his "hypocrisy" has to do with the situation that Sara was acting like a feral animal and on a killing spree since being resurrected by the pit just as Thea was. How Oliver and Laurel resurrected their sisters were different, he acted out of desperation and she acted out of grief. AND SHE'S PLAYING THE VICTIM?

ARROW EP Says “Magic Fits Pretty Well” As Lazarus Pit Is Officially Confirmed!

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Stephen Amell Teases The Lazarus Pit: A Clue On How Oliver Queen Will Return To Arrow?

DC Legends of Tomorrow Canary Lazarus Pit White Canary Returning To Arrow Before DCs Legends of Tomorrow

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CW Boss Talks ‘Supergirl’ Crossover Possibility, More DC Spinoffs & ‘Jane’ Emmy Snub

IMDb | CW Boss Talks ‘Supergirl’ Crossover Possibility, More DC Spinoffs & ‘Jane’ Emmy Snub

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The Lazarus Pit may have saved Thea, but can Oliver save her soul? #Arrow's new season begins TOMORROW at 8/7c!