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Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Mnemonics & Tips

Layers of the Epidermis The mnemonic “Come, Let’s Get Sun Burned” will let you not forget the layers of the epidermis. Anatomy and Physiology Nursing Mnemonics & Tips:


BN1637: Skin Layers

SEM of Human Skin. The top layer of the epidermis is composed of flattened, dead skin cells that form the surface of the skin. The dead cells from this layer are continuously being shed and replaced by cells from the living epidermal layer below it (red). The lowest layer (not seen here) is the dermis. The skin is the body's largest organ, accounting for around 15% of the body's weight.


Use this picture of cornflakes, raisins and grapes to understand your skin. Together, these three layers make up the epidermis. The cornflakes represent the outer layer of skin, which is the most visible layer. The raisins represent the middle epidermis layer of skin, where you can really make a difference in the aging process. And the grapes represent the deepest layer of the epidermis: the soft, supple cells you will see in the future.


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Skin cross-section, showing the epidermis, dermis, perichondrium, elastic cartilage, a myelinated nerve fiber, and a muscular artery. Colorised SEM X160.


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Great for Study review! Anatomy of the Epidermis - Essential principles of human anatomy and physiology are presented, including basic chemistry, cell and tissue studies, and an overview of all the body systems. Intended as a survey course for certain allied health and social service programs, and as a general natural science course