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7 Layer Pea Salad #Recipe with KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP

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Pea and mint soup

This soup is as easy as it gets and tastes wonderful when served with crisp Parma ham or bacon.


Old-Fashioned 7-Layer Pea Salad | For a great summer side dish salad, go back to basics with this old-fashioned pea salad!


The Best Vegetable Curry Ever

Vegetarian cooking in India is healthy, delicious, easy and so flavorful! If you eat Indian food you know just how delicious their vegetarian dishes are! If you haven’t ventured into Indian or maybe just haven’t made Indian food for yourself at home, this is the perfect dish to start with. You have probably heard me …


Classic 7-Layer Salad ~ This dish may have originated in the South, where it was called the "seven-layer pea salad" for its unique layer of green peas. #healthy recipe


7 Layered Salad, {Granny's Recipe}

Cooking with K | Southern Kitchen: 7 Layered Salad, {Granny's Recipe} I use 1 cup mayo and 1 cup sour cream with 1 tsp of sugar added vs. the miracle whip.