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Lavern & Shirley---I'll always be disappointed that my adult life wasn't more like this.


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❥ His TV Guide Cover #15: Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall, May 19, 1979, illustrated by Richard Amsel


Schlemiel, Schlimazel: 25 Things You Never Knew About 'Laverne & Shirley'

Schlemiel, Schlamazel: 25 Things You Never Knew About ‘Laverne & Shirley’ Apologies for the fact that you will not be able to get the schlemieling and schlamazeling of the Laverne & Shirley theme song out of your head for the next few days. The characters, factory workers who went on a double date with

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The 22 Most Badass On-Screen Bramances

Laverne and Shirley in 'Laverne & Shirley (1976-1983). See 21 other female dynamic duos who kick ass on screen.