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Laverbread Recipes

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from Great British Chefs

Laverbread ravioli with roasted onion stock and Welsh beach vegetables

Once described as "Welshman's caviar" by Richard Burton, Laverbread is a Welsh delicacy which is essentially a seaweed paste rolled in oatmeal and fried. Alyn Williams uses laverbread to fill homemade ravioli in this sophisticated laverbread recipe.


Laverbread - Laver is an edible seaweed, boiled down to a puree, coated in oatmeal and fried like patties. Considered a Welsh national dish, it can also be eaten simply boiled and served, traditionally, with bacon and cockles.


Pembrokeshire laverbread cakes

Pembrokeshire laverbread cakes @

from Great British Chefs

Oysters with laverbread and Stilton

For a deliciously simple oysters recipe, this dish from Bryan Webb is hard to beat. Baked oysters are flavoured with laverbread and covered with creamy Stilton.

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Phil's Welsh half-time snack

Phil Vickery’s in the kitchen now with the perfect half-time snack - he'll be making a laverbread wholemeal loaf and one of the most Welsh dishes of them all, rarebit!

Laverbread cakes « Gastronomy Domine | #alittlethoughtforfood

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Leeks in cheese sauce

I dont know how to make laverbread so to celebrate St.David's day this year I will be making leeks in a cheese sauce –  using a welsh cheese of course!


A full Welsh breakfast is similar in many respects to other British fried breakfasts. It is made truly unique, however, by the inclusion of laverbread and cockles on the plate, two things you would never find in English, Scottish or Northern Irish breakfasts.