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How To Read The Laundry Symbols On Your Clothing Tags!

Here's exactly what every laundry symbol means.
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23 Surprising Laundry Tips You Didn't Know You Needed

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Laundry Symbols Poster - print - Guide To Procedures, Laundry, Reference, Rules, Sign, Vintage, Decor, Art, Wall, Chalk, Chalkboard

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31 Beautiful Posters That Will Teach You A Damn Thing

A pretty black and white guide to those extremely confusing laundry symbols. | 31 Beautiful Posters That Will Actually Teach You Something

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Laundry Cheat Sheets - 3 Free Printables for Your Laundry Room

FREE Laundry Symbol Printable! Gonna put in my laundry room so I can care for my clothes properly! Never knew what these clothing tag symbols meant before!


As students return to school for a new Fall semester, they will be learning new lessons, studying for tests and expanding their knowledge. Soak School hopes to teach some lessons not necessarily taught in the classroom. From reading laundry symbols to learning how to wash certain fabrics, we have a collection of tips and tutorials that will have you soaking like a pro in no time. The first lesson is "Understanding Laundry Symbols".

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The Only Guide You Need to Decode Laundry Symbols

Laundry Symbol cheat sheet: I've been doing laundry for 30 years and I still ponder over these symbols on tags.

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21 Hacks To Look Stylish AF On A College Budget

Decode laundry instructions (and never shrink your fave shirt again). | 21 Hacks To Look Stylish AF On A College Budget