Some of the Best Moments of Wednesday! I really need to watch this... -AC
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Being in the company of people who make you laugh & smile can help your heart & mental health. Laughing is a natural way to release good-feeling endorphins through your body.

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It's the little things! Luv them. surprise visits, phone calls, long text convos that's also funny, postcards or cards, letters, thoughtful things or gifts, small joys, inside jokes, fun, laughter, spontaneity, references, randomosity, sharing knowledge, creativity, songs, dances, dessert, treats, food, cute errands, animals, new trails/paths, new adventures, good convos, surprise events, sweet/cool/witty/smart offbeat type of people who differ from the norm & many little moments shared.

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"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with."

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Internet Down| Funny General Card She could have gone to an internet cafe. A Funny General card for a friend or relative who can't live without Wi Fi.

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Rustic Hand Painted Country LOVE LAUGHTER & FRIENDS ARE WELCOME Wood Heart Sign

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Someone pull me into doing something I like, but am not confident enough to do on my own. Like being crazy and dancing in the rain

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