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Public Disapproval of #Obamacare - thanks to Jonathan Gruber's arrogance, now we know exactly why the American people felt that the #ACA bill was rammed down our throats.... BECAUSE IT WAS. Gruber credits the deliberate lack of transparency about details of the bill to its successful passing. That's why Marxist Democrat Nancy Pelosi said 'we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it.' Every Senate Democrat voted 'YES.' Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote.

আমরকর মনষ কভব এই লক ট ক জয় করল আমরকর মনষ কভব এই লক ট ক জয় করল আমরকর মনষ কভব এই লক ট ক জয় করল US election 2016: Backlash to election of Donald Trump begins as protests sweep America Presidential Election Results: Donald J. Trump Wins Election Results 2016 US Election 2016 - BBC News - US Election 2016 News the latest from Al Jazeera US election night 2016 as it happened | US news | The Guardian US election 2016: Hillary Clinton: 'This is painful and will be for a very…

Rise above caste politics, vote for development: PM Modi tells UP ahead of polls "Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday attacked rival parties and said that those occupied with saving black money cannot bring development to the state. Get Narendra Modi's & BJP's latest news and updates with - Download Now."

Latest Punjab Assembly Elections 2017 Opinion Poll Results

How to Use Statistics to Understand Poll Results

In today’s article, we’re wrapping-up our introductory series on fundamental statistics by talking about how knowledge of statistical quantities like the mean and standard deviation can help you understand the significance of the latest political polling results. Should You Believe the

The latest poll results are in for the U.S. Senate race in Michigan, and we have our work cut out for us. Democrat Gary Peters leads Republican Terri Lynn Land by 7% (47%-40%).

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Could Twitter-Based Donations Change Politics in 2012?

Chirpify, a Twitter-based commerce platform, will now allow users to donate to a political campaign with a nothing more than a tweet.