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Latest Nasa News

from Mail Online

Is the sun going dark? Latest Nasa images reveal TWO giant holes

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, captured this solar image on March 16, 2015, which clearly shows two dark patches, known as coronal holes.


The Department for Transport's running of the West Coast bidding process lacked management oversight, with some staff "confused" by the system, the National Audit Office (NAO) report said.

from The Telegraph

Bennu mission: the 'Armageddon' asteroid that could collide with Earth

Nasa hopes to learn more about the secrets of the solar system with its latest…

from Mail Online

What is this mystery dome found on Mars?

UFO hunters' latest ‘sighting’ of a rock is described as a ‘man-made dome’ that they say was left behind by an alien race sometime during Mars’ watery past. The image was taken by Nasa's Opportunity rover


Bizarre 'alien base' spotted on NASA image of Tycho crater on Moon | Daily Star

Alien base spotted on moon

AN EARTH-SHATTERING announcement from NASA that could prove alien life is out there is coming next week.

11 best space games on PC that are out of this world Read more Technology News Here --> Introduction There's a whole lot of space out there. An infinity of it. And there are a whole lot of space games to fill it. (Well not really as it's infinity and they're comprised of indefinitely-large data and even if they were physical they're finite - but it's a metaphor y'know?) And they've been around for ever. Elite one of the first and best space exploration…

from NBC News

Mars rover snaps spooky portraits

Mars Curiosity Rover photographs itself. How clear is that, from 35 million miles away. The technology is mind-boggling.