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The BLOOD MOON rises: Amazing images and footage of the first total lunar eclipse of 2014

I remember seeing this when I was really little and being quite confused and a little scared!


Sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point & shows the sun below the moon. Just WOW!

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Strange Things On The Moon

The blood moon is the last stage of the curse. JC RB

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This Incredible Blood Moon Eclipse Photo Was Taken With an iPhone

The only photo of last night's blood moon you need to see — guess how it was taken!

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The Coming BLOOD MOONS 2014-2015

the blood moon for the 14th of 2014!! Did u see it last night?!? 3 more blood moons until Christ's return!

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How To Photograph The Night Sky

Let’s go on a trip together and take stunning night sky photos. Hi, I’m Dave Morrow, and I will be your guide in this journey. I’m a fellow 500px-er, adventure junkie, and I love teaching photography. In this tutorial, you will learn how to hunt for a dark sky, choose the right equipment, discover the 500 rule, and take awesome photos. After reading the following tutorial, go grab a free …


Currently staying up to see the super and blood moon this well morning I suppose. The next opportunity to see this is 2033 so I want to say (when I'm approx 30) that I saw it myself last time. I'm going to tell my students when I start teaching all about it. Please pin all your images of this occasion I would love to see your point of view. God luck, science humbugs!