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Last Day of School "All About Me"

Preserve your child's unique personality, likes and dislikes with this adorable "All About Me" Interview for the Last Day of School. It's a great way to document how they've changed during the school year!

End of Year School Photo

Must remember to do this again this year - holding a photo from the first day of school on the last day.


Everyone did this on the last day of Primary school... I left over over 4 years ago


How to Dye Metallic Rice for Sensory Play

Here’s how to dye metallic rice for sensory play and creative projects! It takes just a few moments to make, requires no vinegar and lasts for years! best of all, it’s so wonderfully sparkly and magical! I recently wrote an easy tutorial for how to dye vibrant rainbow rice in minutes using just one added material. It...Read More »


Elf on the Shelf : Last day of school!(Christmas Break) - I actually think this would be cute for our elf to make an appearance on the last day of school for summer break. It will reiterate to my boys that no one leaves for good.