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LASEK Eye Surgery - A Better Choice Than LASIK? -

Laser eye surgery (LASIK) procedure: The cornea is cut with a knife (microkeratome), the corneal flap is folded back, cornea reshaped with a laser beam, and corneal flap placed in its original position.

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Are you a candidate for LASEK eye surgery? Learn about the differences between LASIK and LASEK at

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I got lasek eye surgery at St. Mary's in Gagnam July 27th 2012

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Park Avenue Laser Epi-LASEK review: Five weeks after laser eye surgery

The Goldberg centre current advancement in technology paired with our surgeons experience provides the safest and most sophisticated lasek eye surgery and skin treatments available in Toronto. Please visit:

The Different Types of Corrective Eye Surgery

LASEK: this is an alternative laser eye surgery procedure to LASIK and is safer if your corneas are too think or too steep for LASIK. Result rates are very similar. Click on the image for more information on both treatments.