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Clothes Not Costume - Layering

Layering costume for fantasy LARP games can be tricky, but here's an example how some simple robes were put together.

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Deluxe Glass Earth Fairy bottle with leather netting and leather frog holster for belt - MADE TO ORDER - Custom

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Skull armor shoulder, tribal style pauldron. One-of-a-kind item. Hand made deer skull armor piece with leather and fur. Ready to ship item!

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Reference - Medieval Clothing by treijim on deviantART via

Cute cloak from Artka. Love the boots and leggings underneath... an elvish touch. <--- It looks just like KotLC!!! :D

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Special Effects Prosthetic - Scarification - Encapsulated Silicone - Film Quality

Prosaide Transfer Scarification Special by IdaAsteroAtelier Can also be done on the cheap with Elmers School Glue and foundation in a shade or two lighter or darker than your skin

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Een In Spel tas is handig om je spullen in mee te nemen. Hier een Engelse uitleg om er zelf een te maken.

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