This tiny Android projector puts an 80-inch touchscreen on your wall #android #projector #gadgets

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project video games at your reception via 10 Effortless Ways to Entertain Kids at Weddings at

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Church Services Are Being Held In Chain Restaurants Now, Meaning You Can Order Wings With A Side Of Jesus. ................................................... It's funny and sad, Jesus and his apostles didn't need food, fog machines, lights, loud music, large projector screens, coffee shops, or a building to preach the words of God. The reason church attendance is going down is not lack of stuff and activities they can provide, but because of all the stuff/junk being called God's word…

LOVE that they're watching the family stone and that he space is decorated for Christmas and I love the idea of a bean bag room.

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Turn Your Wall into an Awesome DIY Projector Screen for Less Than 50 bucks. May be our next project for this kids who would love a large projector screen.

I was taken for a ride by Canons 8K experience Ultra high-resolution video should make the viewer feel as if they were part of the action or in Canons words simulate a physical experience. Its this philosophy that went into the interactive 8K Ride Experience in Canons booth at CES 2016. Held in a small makeshift screening room in front of three large projector screens the two-minute experience left me wondering what I had missed that was supposed to make me feel things. The overall…

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