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I love Beaucerons. They have the colouring of a Doberman, the tail of a German Shepard, and the extra toes like a Norwegian Lundehund

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Irish Setter - Breed Profile: Origin: Ireland Colors: Mahogany or rich chestnut red Size: Large Type of Owner: Novice Exercise: Vigorous Grooming: Regular Trainability: Easy to train Combativeness: Friendly with other dogs Dominance: Low Noise: Not a barker

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The Leonberger dog looks like a lion. Coming from Leonberg, Germany, this large breed may look bigger than he really is. Although this breed has a very thick coat, he still tops the charts at 115-170lbs.

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The Shikoku is one of the native Japanese breeds intermediate in size between the large Akita Inu and the small Shiba Inu; all are within the Spitz family of dogs. I wants him!

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Irish Wolfhound. In his element. #dog

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{This is not photoshopped. It is a real picture.} 11 weeks old! The Caucasian Shepherd or Ovtcharka is a member of the working group of dog breed and despite its appellation of sheepdog/shepherd this dog was never a livestock herder but rather a guardian or protector which goes a long way in explaining it's size! The Caucasian Mountain dog was bred to protect livestock against wolves, bears and other predators; in fact the Caucasian Ovcharka has an uncanny resemblance to a bear!

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This is the Dream Dog. The breed is called a Caucasian Mountain Dog, and this is one of the sires from Esquire Caucasians at (get this) NINE MONTHS OLD. He hasn't hit his full growth yet. Holy crap batman.

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