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How to Make a Lap Book - Photo examples and directions for a simple lap book. Blog post by Shelly Rees at Appletastic: Blossoming in Fifth Grade.

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free lapbooks ~ Day 30.03 Today I am grateful for lapbooks. I don't know who came up with this idea but I appreciate them so much! I also appreciate the creative souls who go the extra mile and take the extra time to make these and put them out there for those of us who are clueless or without any extra time. Thanks! :)

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All About Me Lap Book: A Back To School Project

This "All About Me" Lap Book is a great getting-to-know-you, back-to-school project for kids in grades 2-5. The open-ended, interactive pieces allow children to respond at their own developmental levels. $

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin - Ben Franklin Lapbook Want to add a little something special to your Benjamin Franklin unit? This Benjamin Franklin Lapbook is perfect for your lessons. The lap book covers childhood, inventor, and American Hero. There are three different interactive flip books and an interactive timeline. Students will put events from Ben Franklin's life in order and learn all about why he is known as an American Hero. Your students will amaze you with all they learn from this lap book.

Looking for a fun End of the Year activities? This End of the Year Lap Book will be perfect for the last week of school before summer! It gives students a hands-on way to reflect on the school year and creates the perfect keepsake! Perfect for grades 2-6!

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Foldable Fun! 20 EDITABLE Templates: Mini-book, Flaps, Accordions, & More

Foldables Fun! A huge packet of foldable templates, directions for use, examples. 42 page packet includes 20 different foldable templates, including: Windowed Wheel, Triorama, Flower Foldables, Shutters, Flap Foldables, Layered Booklet, Accordions, Mini Books Envelope, and More! There are hundreds of ways to use foldables in the classroom. These interactive graphic organizers are perfect for note-taking, book reports, fact study, vocabulary, sequencing, project display, etc. Love this!

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The Interactive Notebook Template Types

Learn about the different types of interactive notebook template types at this blogpost. It includes some tips on the types of activities that will work well with each template type too!

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