12 Tenses table that explains the 12 verb tenses present, past and future in simple present, future and continuous form

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Students practice recognizing and ordering numbers or letters with these fun Superhero theme puzzles. These are perfect for math centers, language centers, homework or early finishers. Each puzzle is editable so you can create the perfect sequences to align with what you are teaching. By Pink Cat Studio

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Here's a great story for kids. A day-in-the-life of a boy from Brazil as he goes to school. Would make a great teaching resource!

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Colorful lines, inspired by the London Underground, will lead you to classrooms at this language school

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Use this infograph as an introduction to homophones or to reinforce work on homophones
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Might not want to learn about the theories of language acquisition in detail themselves, but will benefit from their teacher understanding and applying these theories to their learning.

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List of silent letters from a to z available to download in PDF. To help with English grammar

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