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Frederick VI, Landgrave of Hessen-Homburg in uniform by François Joseph Juste Sieurac

Death Mask of Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, 1785 (wax & hair)

Marquess / Marquis /Margrave / Landgrave A marquess (UK /ˈmɑːkwɪs/;[1] French: marquis, /mɑrˈkiː/[2]) is a nobleman of hereditary rank in various European peerages. In Great Britain and Ireland the title ranks below a duke and above an earl. A woman of rank, orwife of a marquess, is a marchioness /ˌmɑːrʃəˈnɛs/[3] in Great Britain and Ireland or a marquise /mɑrˈkiːz/. In Welsh: Ardalydd / Ardalyddes .

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Mémoires de mon temps, dictés par landgrave Charles, prince de Hesse: Anonymous

Conrad of Thuringia,Landgrave of Hesse,1241 and Ernest Count of Gleichen,1227-64

Friedrick William George Adolphus, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Adolf von Hessen-Kassel; 25 November 1820 – 14 October 1884) was the only son of Wilhelm I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel-Rumpenheim and Princess Louise Charlotte of Denmark

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The coat of arms of Thuringen or Thuringia features a blue shield on which a gold-crowned and gold-clawed lion (whose color consists of eight alternating red and white horizontal stripes) is depicted. Eight white stars are also depicted on the shield, which some believe are symbolic of the eight historical divisions of the state. It was adopted in 1990, but its design derives from the arms of Landgrave Conrad from the 13th century.

Princess Tatiana of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg on the occassion of her wedding to Prince Moritz of Hesse-Kassel, later Landgrave of Hesse, in 1964. The marriage produced 4 children and ended in divorce after 10 years.