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Understand the 6 Healthy Birth Practices. More at These practices make up the core of our Atlanta Childbirth Class.


Integrating Yoga Into Your #Lamaze Class: Making Labor Positions Accessible to All and Teaching Effective Breathing and Relaxation Saturday, July 19, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, (with an hour break for lunch) Shining Light Prenatal Education, Pittsburgh, Pa This is a 6-hr, continuing education training for all childbirth educators. It is approved for *6 CEU’s* by Lamaze International.

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Get Informed With These Free Online Childbirth Classes

This is a great online class website for those who don't have access to prenatal birth classes, or who cannot afford them.

Lamaze Crash Course by a friend who's a Registered Nurse and a former nursing professor at a local university. Breathing exercises start at 26 minute mark. DO NOT Squeeze the mother's calves or shoulders when practicing the pain management techniques. This can pos...

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My Pregnancy is a "High-Risk Pregnancy" - Why Do I Need a Lamaze Class?

My #Pregnancy is a "High-Risk Pregnancy" Why Do I Need a #Lamaze Class? #momtobe #multiples