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Discover the Panama Canal with one of Panama's best eco tours: our Monkey Island tour is the most complete Panama tour in Lake Gatun.

This little buddy lives in Lake Gatun. Lake Gatun is an important part of the Panama Canal and home to some of the most impressive animals and flora that Panama has to offer!

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Hiking in Lake Gatun, near Clayton, Panama City: For those who would like to kill two birds with one stone, you can also come on out to Lake Gatun and hike in the Panama Canal! (That's exactly what we're doing in the picture) - See more at:

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, there is a great big game sport fishing here in Panama, especially on the Pacific side. There is also fabulous fishing in Lake Gatun, which is part of the Panama Canal. What people mainly catch there is peacock bass (pictured). - See more at:

Fisherman on Lake Gatun cleaning his Peacock Bass catch. A delicious and plentiful fish in Panama.

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Lake Gatun: There are tons of activities such as kayaking, fishing, bird watching and touring that you can do in the area. That is one of the benefits of the Fort Clayton area: you are both close to downtown and close to nature. - See more at:

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