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WorldStage Newsonline-- Hope for the restoration of the drying Lake Chad has been boosted as the Lake Chad Basin Commission and a Chinese firm, POWERCHINA International Group signed a $1.8 million Memorandum of Understanding to transfer water from the Congo Basin to Lake Chad Basin.

From Turkey to Mexico,10 of the world’s most volatile flashpoints got a lot more unpredictable this year: Syria & Iraq, Turkey, Yemen, Greater Sahel and Lake Chad Basin, DRCongo, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Ukraine, Mexico

Lake Chad most neglected crisis in 2016 despite hunger on 'epic scale'

Lake Chad most neglected crisis in 2016 despite hunger on 'epic scale' | Reuters

WorldStage News | Hope rises for Lake Chad as Commission signs $1.8m MoU with Chinese firm to transfer water

Boko Haram: Hopeless and hungry mothers in Lake Chad resort to prostitution to feed their children - Red Cross

Lake Chad seeks attention!

The sweet waters of Lake Chad ~ Republic of Chad, Middle Africa [photo by John Scofield/National Geographic]....

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Passengers in Nigeria taking ferries to cross Lake Chad, whose shoreline is receding because the lake is drying up

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Lake Chad seeks attention!

L A K E C H A D : Lake Chad Seeks Attention!

The Lake Chad catchment has an area 2,500,000 km2. In the past it contained a giant lake known as Lake Megachad. The last long-lived Lake Megachad high stand occurred during the early and middle Holocene, with a shoreline at an altitude of about 329m and a lake area of 361,000 km2 . In its heyday it was fed by a number of large river systems that rose in the Ahagar, Tassili, Air, Tibesti and Edeni mountains of what is now the Sahara Desert. The river in the southern part o

Lake Chad: Inhabitants adapt to lower water levels

Lake Chad: Inhabitants adapt to lower water levels, it used to be one of the biggest lakes in the world.