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Watching Laci Green on this fine evening #feminism #intersectionalfeminism…

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Sex education changes lives, and saves lives. Link goes to SCARLETEEN a fabulous resource, especially for teens (and parents of teens) who don't have access to healthy and honest sex education through other channels. "Sex Ed for the Real World.

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YouTuber Laci Green on "Why I am a Feminist." #feminism #ImagineActLead #UVaWomensCenter

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It's like omg what am I supposed to do?! Can I just do what makes me happy? If no women can relate to this consider yourself lucky and I'd like to know where you are in the world!

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This Is What Sexism Against Men Sounds Like

This Is What Sexism Against Men Sounds Like - Video

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Shaming other girls strengthens patriarchy and hurts all women. Stop the slut-shaming.

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these posters challenge socially constructed ideals of body image and fat shame

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Mocking of teen rape victim prompts major internet backlash

And why is it that our nation's boys are so comfortable with being rapists that they brag about it and upload proof?

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"While this won’t apply to everyone who enjoys wearing lots of makeup or who tans, I find that, for some people, they are already feeling the pressure of standards they cannot live up to. Makeup and tanning are a way of compensating. So, if we turn around then and call this woman a whore or a fake bitch (or whatever our insult of choice might be), we continue the process of victimizing her and degrading her body. We become a part of that vicious cycle..." -Laci Green

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Sometimes they do. My male friend gets it all the time, but he is the ONLY guy I know who has been told that.

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